Dear faithful,

You will never believe what the Branded SSPX has come up with for Lent! They have a promotional video proposing a “challenge” for their parishioners. If they click on a special link to accept the challenge, they will receive, on their gismo of choice, a daily reminder that they should limit their use of the gismo, and spend time with friends and family instead. (By the way, it looks a bit contradictory to tell people to limit the use of the gismo, while sending them reminders of this on the very same gismos…).

The promotional video shows a guy watching tv, who decides to spend time with friends, and then goes out on the deck to have a beer with them. Now, this Neo-SSPX challenge is for Lent… You can take it for 3 days, or 7 days, or, if you truly are strong, until Easter, April 1st. WOW!

While I agree that the gismos in all their models should be used only in moderation, I lament the fact that this is promoted as a Lent challenge. Why not do it for the whole year? And why not use supernatural motives, instead of a merely natural one (spend time with people)? This message is something that we already hear from a lot of non-Catholic sources.

Doesn’t the SSPX have more to say to its faithful? Yet, I saw nothing in the video or the article about Christ, Penance, Mortification, Salvation of souls… Just:  Spend more time with friends! Having a beer with them during Lent is better than watching movies!  What about giving us some examples of the saints doing penance? What about encouraging people to fast and abstain?

I cannot believe that we find this on the official SSPX website! Look for yourselves at the link below:

We, in the Resistance, were afraid that a “normalization” with Rome would transform Tradition and dilute it to become just like the Novus Ordo Church… But since the Branding, which I have exposed in June 2013, it has become clear that the process of liberalisation is already at work, and is already changing the Society and its faithful! Maybe Rome will see that an official agreement will not, in the end, be necessary to destroy Tradition, and that the simple offer of a “regularization” is enough to have the leaders of Tradition destroy it!

God, please spare us and intervene before it is too late!

Fr. Girouard