Dear faithful,

The Neo-SSPX has a Priory in Winnipeg (Manitoba) and missions in Dryden (Ontario), and Welwyn, Regina, and Saskatoon (all in Saskatchewan). I was in that Priory for seven years (2002-2009), so I know these people.

I just received a copy, from a friend, of the Winnipeg March 2018 parish bulletin, and you can have access to it by clicking on its icon on the right side of the screen.

In this document, you will find a picture of a couple on their marriage day, after the ceremony. (The picture at left here). She, Monica Green, is a parishioner from our parish in Welwyn.

In the old SSPX, we would have married her at our chapel over there, like we did with many others before.

But, no! Not in the Neo-SSPX! Now we had her marriage taking place in a Novus Ordo church in Brandon (MB), located midway between Winnipeg and Welwyn, so two hours away from each place. Not a very practical location for anybody!

Moreover, while it is true that Fr. Vachon, Assistant priest of Winnipeg Prior Fr. Loren Gerspacher, celebrated the traditional Mass, it was a Novus Ordo priest, delegated by the Novus Ordo bishop, who was the official Church witness receiving the vows!

On the the picture in the bulletin, taken after the ceremonies, you can see Fr. Vachon on the right, and the Novus Ordo priest on the left. Everybody is smiling, of course!

(NB: Below is a picture, not published in the  SSPX bulletin, but posted on the ecclesiamilitans website, showing Fr. Vachon waiting on the left, all ready to celebrate the Nuptial Mass, while the Novus Ordo priest is receiving the exchange of vows by the couple. Notice the Novus Ordo table in front of the old altar prepared for the Nuptial Mass… And of course the modern chasuble of the NO priest. It is a very sad thing to see… Something which would have been unthinkable not so long ago…).

The Neo-SSPX is now all comfy-comfy and lovey-dovey with the destroyers of the Church!

On the aforementioned Winnipeg Priory March bulletin, you also have a letter from Fr. Daniel Couture (Canadian District Superior) praising Archbishop Lefebvre’s fight against the inversion of the ends of marriage at Vatican II.

It is actually a good letter!

So, what should we think of this parish bulletin?

Well, we have here a typical example of the Neo-SSPX tactic:Talk big, and strong, and traditional, but in your actions, walk liberal!

Your talk is there to make people accept your walk! It also helps make you feel that you are not as liberal as you seem, so you can stiffle your guilty feelings (if you have any) and sleep better at night!

The Neo-SSPX is now consistently mixing up together the traditional and the liberal, the sweet and the sour… There is nothing else to say but: The Neo-SSPX is turning Chinese!

God bless you dear friends, and hang on to the Truth, because the ride is bumpy!

Fr. Girouard

The Bastion

St. Joseph Defender of the Church
Roman Catholic Parish
P.O.BOX 1543
Aldergrove, BC, CANADA
V4W 2V1

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SSPX Newsletter March 2018