Dear faithful,

If, unlike me, you have a Facebook account, you will find useful information in an article published on RT Network…  It contains a copy of a Julian Assange’s (founder of Wikileaks) tweet, where he explains the easy way to obtain from Facebook a list of all the data they have collected on you. Those who have done it are testifying that they were stupefied on the amount of data Facebook had collected from them. See:

I always told you I hated Facebook and such other gismatic fling-flang, and I feel vindicated now, following the scandal revealed last week about Facebook.

Instead of Facebook and such other sites, people should meet in person or at least phone or write.

Moreover, this kind of social media encourages people to be prideful and to try to attract the attention and “likes” of other people. Facebook users are in fact trying to create a group of fans who will follow them and “like” them. What they want, in reality, is to become some kind of little stars. This is really nothing less than a form of “Cult of Man”, where one is worshipping oneself and wants to have as big a group of “faithful” as possible…

Not a Christian attitude at all. Just think of Our Lord who has humbled himself to the point of becoming a man, taking our sins on His shoulders, and dying on the Cross in our stead. The same Our Lord who said we had to learn from Him (and imitate), that He was “meek and humble of heart”.

Can you imagine the most humble Blessed Virgin Mary on Facebook (or other such sites), showing virtual “friends” pictures of her new blue veil? Or telling them what she ate last night? Or showing them the recipe for the cake Her Son likes most? Or telling them what she is going to buy next time she goes to the big market in Jerusalem? No, really! What nonsense!

Let us not be like Paul VI and Vatican II! Let us have the Cult of God instead of the Cult of Self!!

I have to stop here, as Facebook and other such sites are raising my blood pressure… Not good…

Let us all be real, and be serious in trying to please the Father by imitating His Son. Let us pray the Blessed Virgin Mary to obtain us the grace of humility!

Have a Holy Holy Week!

Fr. Girouard