Dear faithful,

I hope this will be the last instance I have to spend time exposing how Facebook and other social medias are damaging to us, not only on the spiritual level, but also on the basic human one. On March 25th and 27th this year, I posted twice on the subject.

Today, April 4th, there was a good article and video by Mr. Paul Joseph Watson, about a new study whose results were released in Australia. Mr Watson writes (and talks) about it. He also documents other claims that show how social medias are affecting the brains of users, basically transforming them into zombie-like addicts. Here are passages of his article (in bold and italics):

A new study has found that taking a break from Facebook for just five days reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Researchers in Australia asked 138 participants to give up Facebook for five days or continue to use Facebook as normal. General well-being and salivary cortisol were measured before and after the test period.

“Relative to those in the Facebook Normal condition, those in the No Facebook condition experienced lower levels of cortisol” after avoiding Facebook, according to the study.

“Our results suggest that the typical Facebook user may occasionally find the large amount of social information available taxing, and Facebook vacations could ameliorate this stress—at least in the short-term,” the authors state.

As I document in the video below, even top Facebook executives now admit that social media is incredibly harmful and is literally “programming” its users.

Please go to the Alex Jones channel for the full text and video, at:         

Dear faithful, you will never see a saint using social medias, because these are all about talking to others about oneself, and this attitude is in direct opposition to the virtue of humility. Remember that when the Blessed Virgin Mary was praised by St Elizabeth (who was inspired by the Holy Ghost for our benefit), her immediate reaction (also prompted by the Holy Ghost) was to re-assert her nothingness and the Almightiness and Goodness of God. Remember also that the Divine Word has humbled Himself to the point of taking up our human nature and of dying on the Cross, between two criminals, for our sins.

When you read all the lives of the saints, you see one constant: They always do what they can to live a humble and hidden life, a life hidden in the wounds of Our Lord.

Dear friends, if you are using social medias, please STOP! This life is not about us! It is about God! He is the one we have been put on earth to know, love, and serve!

God bless,

Fr. Girouard